Center for Biological Diversity: Turning Grizzlies on Arizona’s Rural Families

When will the average Arizona voter stop giving any credence to these radical environmental knuckleheads?  Groups like the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and Sierra Club use the ESA (Endangered Species Act) to deny American citizens our Constitutional protections of individual liberties and property rights.    

It isn’t enough that they have used lawsuits to stop cattle grazing, logging, and badly needed forest thinning projects throughout Arizona and New Mexico.  The pile-up of combustibles has frequently exploded into the most catastrophic fires in U.S. history, including the 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Fire.  

Stop and think about that.  They stop actions that remove forest underbrush, which leads to monumental fires that burn up the forests and hundreds of millions of animals, and pours toxic carbon into the atmosphere.  These groups are on a mission to protect "endangered" plants and animals and the environment?  They are doing everything they can to destroy it!    

It isn’t enough that these groups have set Mexican wolves loose on rural citizens in Arizona and New Mexico.

Now, this evil Tucson-based group of power hungry, tantrum throwing degenerates wants to turn Grizzlies loose in the Grand Canyon and in our backyards.    
These groups are no different than the villains in old western movies rampaging from one frontier town to another.   
Grizzlies used to roam all over the west…until nasty varmints called people moved here.  Ah, now we know the real enemy, don’t we.  Humans.  

Look at this statement from Noah Greenwald, director of the Center for Biological Diversity:   

"The science is clear that, if we’re serious about recovering grizzly bears, we need more populations around the West and more connections between them so they don’t fall prey to inbreeding and so they have a chance of adapting to a warming world," said Noah Greenwald, director of the center’s endangered-species program.

Contrary to the manipulated junk science that Greenwold uses, the world is not warming.  

Remember, Kieran Suckling and three other employees of the Center for Biological Diversity were ordered to pay $600,000 to a 5th generation Southern Arizona rancher.  Suckling "set the tone for making false statements," and the CBD was found guilty of making "false, libelous and defamatory statements."  That was in 2005.  Suckling continues as the executive director of the CBD.  See Bob Thorpe Critic has Libelous Past.  

Let’s get serious.  It’s time to make the unconstitutional ESA null and void, before these groups completely destroy this country.  

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