Colvin: Confidence in Gilbert Schools is Rising

Gilbert Schools Governing Board Member Daryl Colvin recently wrote an opinion piece that was published in the East Valley Tribune.  He cites some major accomplishments of the conservative board.  I use the word "conservative," because these particular board members have been under a sustained attack by a small group of agitators.  This group has been supported by both the Gilbert Education Association and Arizona Education Association (teachers’ unions).  They have been cheered on by the leftist media, a a media whose bias is so well established in America that it is measured by how much the American people distrust it.

Gilbert Watch published an article some time ago that listed the conservative board’s accomplishments.  See The Accomplishments of the Gilbert Schools Governing Board.  

Mr. Colvin has added some more.

Please take the time to read them.  Many of these were very hard fought over a period of years!   Then, judge for yourself.  The school board sets the standard for your district.  Every school district, like a business, embodies a culture.  That culture starts at the top.  

Click HERE for the link to Mr. Colvin’s article.  Here are the highlights:

• The budget and spending process in our district is the most transparent and open than it has ever been.

• Our board meetings are now live-streamed and archived over the internet for all to attend at their convenience, and we are working to have them broadcast live on cable.

• Our district has transitioned from one of the lowest in parent satisfaction with the Special Education Program to one of the highest.

• We are now recognized as No. 1 in the state in academic progress in this area.

• Speaking of academic progress, our district has transitioned from a “B”-rated district overall to an “A.”

• The separate scores for our individual schools continue to improve as well.

• We instituted a true pay for performance plan for our teachers, a plan that will continue to improve over time.

• We implemented a PE credit waiver for our hard working marching band students. We implemented a self-contained gifted classroom.

• We discontinued the use of a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the teachers union and transferred all the important language over into policy for the benefit of all teachers.

• We restored an American tradition of having an invocation at the beginning of our board meetings.

• We refused to give in to fear mongering tactics from the State Department of Education and did not sign a Common Core declaration.*

"One of the most important things our board did was reinstate the policy of the board setting the agenda for board meetings. For almost fifteen years the Superintendent set the agenda. This made no sense and is contrary to proper governance. Whoever sets the agenda controls policy. The elected board members are responsible to the voters for district policy and now that control is properly returned to the board."

*Gilbert Watch Note:  The Heber-Overgaard board members also refused to sign the Common Core Declaration.  Some criticize these school boards about their refusal to sign the Declaration, calling it "meaningless," because all schools have to abide by the standards.  What these board members knew, long before virtually every other district in Arizona, was that they were inferior and an insult to Arizona’s teachers.    

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