Common Core Exec Reveals Anti-American, Anti-Christian Agenda

The third video of the Project Veritas series on Common Core shows Kimberly Koerber, a former executive for Pearson who now works for National Geographic, caught on camera justifying the Common Core curriculum on the grounds of anti-American and unconstitutional values.  She admits that elements of Common Core intentionally push elitist indoctrination upon students.  (Click HERE to view the first video.  Click HERE to view the second video.)

In this most recent video, National Geographic sales executive Koerber admits some of the political ideology behind Common Core with statements like these:

"The dead white guys did not create this country!"

"I did a presentation yesterday for AP (Advanced Placement) U.S. History, and the AP U.S. History agenda was set, until Texas got upset about it, and they wanted to have their Founders….."

“Damn the Second Amendment"!  I don’t think personal handguns need to be on anyone except government, the police…" 

"I can’t stand it.  If they talk to me one more time about … climate change not being real, I’m just gonna scream"! 

"…it’s so offensive to have these prayers in the school board….(Christianity) is not a Core concept at all."

“They don’t agree with Islam, so they don’t want their kids to know about it. They don’t agree with birth control, so they don’t want their kids to talk about it. They don’t agree with math, because they don’t understand it. It’s not the same math they did in high school. So they don’t want their kids to know about it.” 

"Anytime a change happens that has to be put in a textbook, suddenly the school district has to adopt new textbooks." 

“People that are not educated, Fox TV viewers, think that Common Core comes from the educated liberal groups and that’s why they are against it. They don’t know anything about it.” 

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