Election November 2012 GilbertWatch Recommendations

Following is a list of GilbertWatch Voting Recommendations for the General Election, now through November 6, 2012.  This list includes Candidates, Propositions, Judges, and the Gilbert Schools Override.  For more information on each person or item, see Gilbert Watch Supports on the right side of the Home Page. Look for the Name of the Individual in Alphabetical order by first name.  Look for the Proposition and Override for more information as well. 

President of the U.S.A.

Mitt Romney

Vice President of the U.S.A.

Paul Ryan

Arizona Corporation Commission

Bob Burns

Bob Stump

Susan Bitter Smith

Arizona LD12

State Senator Andy Biggs

State Representative Eddie Farnsworth

State Representative Warren Petersen

Arizona LD16

State Senator (vote for the Republican)

State Representative Kelly Townsend

Arizona LD25

State Senator (vote for the Republican)

State Representative Justin Pierce

State Representative Justin Olson 

Arizona U.S. District 5

U.S. Senate Jeff Flake

U.S. Representative Matt Salmon

Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board

Janie Thom

Jean McGrath

Linda Brickman

Gilbert School Board

Daryl Colvin

Eric Johnson

Julie Smith

Gilbert Town Council
Jared Taylor
Higley School Board

Jake Hoffman

Justice of the Peace

Steve Urie – Gilbert

Cecil Ash – Mesa

Maricopa County Assessor

Keith Russell

Maricopa County Attorney

Bill Montgomery

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

District 1 Denny Barney

District 2 Steve Chucri

Maricopa County Healthcare District #1: No Opinion
Maricopa County Community College District #1:  No Opinion 
Maricopa County Sheriff

Joe Arpaio

Gilbert Unified School Dist. #41 10% Maintenance & Operations Budget Override Continuation



Vote NO on all judges you don’t personally know to be fair and impartial. 


114.  YES

115.  YES

116.  YES

117.  YES

118.  YES

119.  NO

120.  YES

121.  NO

204.  NO