Gilbert RINO former Council Members Have Come out of the Closet!

Some years ago, a group of conservative activists in Gilbert ousted some "Republican" Council members.  These council members had voted their true left-leaning ways far too many times, including their vote to increase Glbert’s sales tax.  The conservative activists defeated the sales tax known as Prop 406, and went on to defeat the RINOs in their next election.  

The Gilbert RINOs have come out of the closet!   They are front and center in a full page ad in AZ Central declaring their support for DEMOCRAT Fred DuVal for Governor.  

They think that Fred will "put Arizona first, not party politics"?  What a bunch of claptrap.  DuVal is pure Democrat party politics, Obama style.   

See if you can identify the RINO former Gilbert Council Members below.  


Here’s the full list of RINOs who support Democrat Fred DuVall.  This appeared in a full page ad in AZ Central.  I also found it on the Democrat-sponsored Blog for Arizona.

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