GilbertWatch Supports Warren Petersen for Arizona House of Representatives, LD12

Gilbert Watch strongly supports Warren Petersen for State Representative from LD12, along with Andy Biggs (Senate) and Eddie Farnsworth (House). Andy Biggs and Eddie Farnsworth have endorsed Warren Petersen, because they know that he will be a strong advocate for constitutional principles. Pachyderm, Americans for Prosperity, and Goldwater have consistently given high scores to Senator Biggs and Rep Farnsworth, so you know that Warren Petersen is cut from the same cloth.

(Arizona Representative Eddie Farnsworth, Senator Andy Biggs, Candidate for Arizona House Warren Petersen, LD12)

Warren has been actively involved in standing up for constitutional, conservative principles, and he has educated others.  He led a 912 group in 2009, of which I was a member. 

He fought hard to stop tax increases, speaking out against them at the Gilbert Town Council.  When Councilmembers Linda Abbott, Les Presmyk, Steve Urie, and Dave Crozier voted for 3 tax increases, Warren gathered more petition signatures than anyone else to force the Council to rescind the increases. 

When Councilmembers Linda Abbott, Dave Crozier Les Presmyk, and John Sentz sent Prop 406 (sales tax increase) to a vote, Warren was one of the key leaders who helped defeat it. 

He is a strong, energetic leader who gets things done! 

Warren has studied the Arizona and U.S. Constitutions and taken the Oath.

He has vowed to reduce overbearing and burdensome regulations on businesses.  He is pro-life, pro business, and he stands up for the most beleaguered minority:  The Individual. 

He will work to ensure that more money makes it to our children and their teachers in the classroom, not to the bureaucrats.

Warren understands that the federal government has failed the American citizens in its responsibility to control the border, and so he supports legislation that ensures the safety and welfare of Arizona’s citizens.  We must secure the border and enforce our laws.

Warren will protect our right to keep and bear arms. He has quoted Thomas Jefferson, when he said, "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes."

Please vote for Eddie Farnsworth, Andy Biggs, and Warren Petersen on 8/28/2012