Jeff Smith for Justice of the Peace

Jeff Smith understands the role of the judiciary, and is fair and impartial

Jeff Smith has excellent credentials and far more knowledge than his opponents, Steve Urie and Dan Dodge, about the lines separating the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government at all levels. Also, Steve Urie will have to excuse himself from many cases involving Landlord/Tenant disputes, placing a burden on other courts.

Jeff Smith’s credentials include an Economics degree and an MBA.   He is not a politician, and has had a successful career in the private sector.  He also served as the Chairman of LD22.  

An understanding of the role of the judiciary is critical to serving effectively as Justice of the Peace. 

Hear what two clear Constitutional Conservatives have to say about Jeff Smith:

"Jeff Smith is a man whose integrity, experience, and values uniquely qualify him for the position of Justice of the Peace.  He possesses the wisdom and judgment to execute the duties of the office impartially and fairly.  I strongly endorse Jeff Smith for Justice of the Peace."  Andy Biggs, LD12 State Senator and Senate Majority Leader.

"I’m proud to endorse Jeff Smith for Justice of the Peace in the Highland District Court.  Jeff understands the importance of an impartial judiciary to our system of government.  Furthermore, his education and business experience will be invaluable as he works to implement important process improvements at the courthouse."  Eddie Farnsworth, LD12 State Representative.

This race is Winnable, as long as Conservatives Turn out to Vote! 

Please contact Jeff at or 602-633-4381 to let him know how you can help.  He’s looking for folks who are willing to reach out to early voters and encourage them to send in their ballots.  There are several ways to do this, including making phone calls, sending emails, sending texts, or even posting on facebook. He has calling/walking lists, a script, biographical information, etc. 

See Jeff Smith for Justice of the Peace, Highland District for more information.