Kirk Adams Can’t be Trusted

S.H.I.E.L.D. has provided overwhelming evidence in an article titled "Where’s the Bill"? which proves that Kirk Adams did NOT “author” the celebrated 2011 Arizona budget as he claims.

Here is Kirk’s grandiose assertion on his campaign website:

“During his three years in the top leadership post, Adams turned the tide in the House. In the aftermath of Janet Napolitano’s spending spree, Adams—without any accounting gimmicks or debt financing—negotiated and authored the first structurally balanced budget in at least five years. Adams’ ambitious spending cuts totaled more than $3 billion and put Arizona back on a path towards fiscal responsibility…”

This isn’t just a little fib he’s telling voters. This is a politician applying for a big promotion, and taking credit for the hard work of his fellow associates, in order to secure that big promotion.

Have you ever worked with guys like that?

S.H.I.E.L.D. takes you through the process step by step, backing up every statement with legislative evidence which proves the true author.

The Truth is that Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs did the heavy lifting. And even he won’t take full credit.

Take a look at the legislative member page for Majority Leader, Senator Andy Biggs. Take note from top to bottom. Also of special significance is that Senator Biggs was the Primary Sponsor of 13 bills beginning with SB1612.

Those are all budget bills.

In contrast, here is Speaker of the House, Kirk Adams’ Legislative member page.

So, Kirk Adams “turned the tide” did he.

That might explain why 32 of Kirk Adams’ fellow Arizona state legislators, including Andy Biggs and all of the Prime Sponsors on the Senate Budget Bills, support Matt Salmon.