Don’t Believe Penzone’s Leftist Lies about Arpaio: Here is the Truth

By now, thanks to Leftist Community Agitator Randy Parraz, many voters in Arizona believe the lies that have been repeated thousands of times by Parraz that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has ignored investigating "432 sex crimes."  

Penzone has been sending email upon email blasting Arpaio.  The Truth is that those sex crimes were investigated by the Sheriff’s office years ago, and virtually all were resolved back then.  But that hasn’t stopped Parraz, Penzone, their Leftist buddies, and RINO malcontents Chad SnowMac Magruder, and other supposed "Republicans" from stopping their lying. 

Both Kelly Townsend and I were present at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting on January 31, 2012, as well as a previous meeting on January 25, 2012, when we both spoke.  (See references below.) 

On January 31, we both heard Sheriff Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan give the following presentation, to set the record straight.  You will note in his presentation that the Sheriff’s office had provided this information to the Board of Supervisors and to the Press many times before. You never heard about it, did you.

Here’s my question.  If Parraz and Penzone really care about uninvestigated sex crimes, why haven’t they railed against the Phoenix Police Department?  You haven’t heard about those 2500 uninvestigated sex crimes against CHILDREN, have youThis horrendous scandal was first discovered in 2007. They continue being unresolved.

It’s incredible that Parraz and Penzone would attack a Sheriff who took immediate corrective action to resolve over 400 sex crimes, and completely ignore the Phoenix Police Department’s inability to properly investigate thousands of crimes of sexual molestation and assault against children!

Certainly the Phoenix Police Department wants to solve these crimes, but the Department has escaped the relentless years of beatings that Parraz and his buddies have inflicted on Arpaio.

You haven’t heard a peep out of the mouth of Penzone, have you. 

Maybe it’s because Penzone never would have obtained all those endorsements from past and present Phoenix Mayors, Phoenix Council Members, and Phoenix Police associations.   

The fact is, Parraz and Penzone don’t care about the suffering of innocent children.  Those Phoenix crimes against children have received virtually no media attention. You have to search very hard through the Internet to locate anything about them. What they care about is getting rid of Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he enforces SB1070.  Parraz’s dossier in Arizona has everything to do with SB1070 and nothing to do with anything else.  Do a search for Parraz through  GilbertWatch and S.H.I.E.L.D. and you will get a very clear picture.  If that’s not enough, we both have more unpublished proof.

Here’s another irony.  In early January 2012, the Phoenix Human Relations Commission (made up of Parraz’s current wife Lilia Alvarez and other Parraz infiltrators) issued a demand for the firing of Sheriff Arpaio, yet they ignored the Phoenix Department’s mishandling of these child sex crimes!  

Here is the written statement of Sheriff Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan’s presentation.  I think that Parraz "left the building," because he has never been interested in hearing the Truth. 

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Meeting – Tuesday January 31, 2012

Presented by Sheriff Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Recently, and despite the fact that our Special Victims Unit (SVU) was thoroughly reviewed for any mismanagement that may have occurred years ago, 2008 in fact, critics of this Office and particularly of Sheriff Arpaio, continually resurrect the SVU issue and repeatedly lie to the public about it.

They paint the problem as unique to the Sheriff’s Office when other police agencies in this valley have similar problems but to a much greater extent involving thousands of cases. Yet they focus only on Sheriff Arpaio why?

The Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Arpaio have accepted responsibility for what occurred in this unit years ago. Today the issues have long been corrected. Numerous safeguards are now in place. Which I will detail shortly.  The problems that occurred will not be repeated.

Now that the corrective actions and hard work has been done, we refuse to stand by while the likes of Mr. Parraz, mislead the public through their false claims and innuendo.  All for one purpose only: to advance a political agenda and rid the county of the Sheriff they despise because he took an Oath, has kept true to that oath and has enforced all state and federal laws including immigration laws.

Let me remind you: on December 12, 2011 Randy Parraz asked this Board this question:

If 400 uninvestigated sex crimes aren’t enough to demand Arpaio’s resignation, then what is the number? 750 he said..1000? 1500?

No, Mr. Parraz, the real number of uninvestigated sex crimes cases is 15. Did you hear the correct number? It is 15, not 400 or more. The number 15 isn’t as dramatic as the number he would claim went uninvestigated.

Mr. Chairman and Board members: here are the facts.  Facts that I have given to you on two prior occasions and twice to the media.  But out of much respect for the Board I will once more.

  • MCSO became aware of issues with these cases in October of 2007 and the Office commenced a full investigation.  The cases were re-opened and 27 sheriff’s detectives were dedicated to completing those cases all but 4 of which was done by 2008.
  • Many of the cases needed only a minor furtherance to bring the case into professional standards of policy and protocol compliance…minor additions were required such as supplemental reports or evidence processing.
  • At the current time, all but 4 of the cases have been thoroughly investigated and have been closed.  Four (4) remaining cases are open and we are awaiting DNA analysis from three suspects who are either out of state or in prison .
  • As a result of the Sheriff’s Office’s own internal investigation, new systems and fail safes have been implemented to ensure that the problem is corrected and does not surface again.
Special Victims Unit Remedial Actions
  1. An electronic case tracking system has been developed and implemented which notifies supervisors if there has not been any activity on a case within a specific period of time.  This is reviewed by the Division Commander on a monthly basis.
  2. Detective managers now have the capability of electronically reviewing case file notes made by detectives on current cases being worked.
  3. Training in Sex Crimes and Special Victims has been increased.  Investigating these types of cases is complicated and requires unique skills.  All SVU detectives attend specialized training.  MCSO has hosted Sex Crimes Investigations classes at our Training Center that were open to all Valley agencies on several occasions, which were well attended. 
  4. Sheriff’s Training offers 134 hours of elective and mandatory training in Sex Crimes and Elder Abuse for its deputies.
  5. SVU detectives are now hand selected for their temperament and desire to work in this specialized field of law enforcement.  In 2007 there were 4 detectives assigned to SVU.  Today there are 10 detectives assigned with an additional 2 assigned to Sex Offender Notification.  For a total of 12 detectives and 1 sergeant that make up the Special Victims Unit.
  6. Sheriff’s detectives have been utilizing the resources of the Mesa, Downtown, and Southwest Family Advocacy Centers.  These Advocacy Centers are a place where specially trained forensic interviewers, doctors and nurses assist detectives in their investigations.  We are considering and may soon assign some detectives to work out of these Centers exclusively and have committed RICO funds to help with the cost of running one of these centers.
  7. Sheriff Arpaio has noticed there is a need in all law enforcement agencies for better training in the area of Sex Crimes and has ordered a search for a nationally recognized trainer on the topic to put on a seminar open to all agencies to discuss the issue.  In fact, we are offering a new class in February open to all law enforcement agencies, judges, prosecutors, probation officers, forensic psychologists and therapists taught by a recognized expert titled “Exploring the Sexual Offender & Physical Abuser.”  With more to follow.

Sheriff Arpaio and the rest of the Sheriff’s Office are saddened by the poor management of the SVU especially those 15 cases.  We as an agency hold ourselves to high standards with our primary mission to protect the public.  One uninvestigated case is one too many for me.

In an organization as large as the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office mistakes happen, problems occur.  Sheriff Arpaio has accepted responsibility for this as the leader of the organization.  But a leader should not be judged by whether he runs a perfect organization or not, since none exist, but how he responds to the issues and problems at hand.  We have quickly responded and addressed these issues several years ago with changes in technology, case management protocol, training and the addition of 8 more detectives.


Scathing Report Finds Serious Problems in Phoenix Crimes Against Children Unit.

“This goes back to 2007, when a report first revealed problems in the Phoenix Police Department’s Family Investigations Bureau. That initial report focused on a specific detective with the Crimes Against Children Unit (CACU). When that detective, Alan MacIver, retired last summer, many of his cases remained open.”

"As Acting Police Chief, I can assure you I am doing everything within my power to make sure the issues identified by the audit team are properly addressed so that they are not repeated in the future. The Phoenix Police Department is committed to ensuring that all crimes, especially those committed against our children, are thoroughly investigated." Acting Police Chief Joseph G. Yahner. 10/21/2011.

Phoenix Police audit finds hundreds of crimes against children were mishandled. March 12, 2012

Acting Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner maintains the cases that have fallen through the cracks remain a top priority within the department. March 12, 2012.

Some Child Sex Crime Cases Mishandled by Phoenix Police. September 27, 2011; updated September 25, 2012.

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