My Experience at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

January 25, 2012, by Anita Christy

When you read through this, plus my and Kelly Townsend’s presentations made to the MCBOS (Maricopa County Board of Supervisors) which follow, please understand one thing. Randy Parraz’s entire strategy is to SWAY PUBLIC OPINION. That’s all he has to do to get Arpaio out of office. The leftist media provides Parraz with his echo chamber, capturing his quotes and repeating them through television and print. The leftist media ignores anything positive about Arpaio, simply referring to those who support the rule of law as “Arpaio supporters.”

Through this constant drumbeat, per the Alinsky method, Maricopa County voters will be worn down, and will submit, and vote Arpaio out of office.

That is their Strategy, and it is critical that you understand it.

So far, Parraz has successfully used a Department of Justice (DOJ) Report like some kind of credible authority against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and so has Board member Mary Rose Wilcox considered the DOJ a credible source.

In reality, the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ), under Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder, is subversive to our immigration and voting laws. The DOJ report which condemns Arpaio is authored by Thomas Perez, an open borders radical. If you knew the facts about what goes on in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, your head would explode with outrage.

The Leftists are not our friends. The Media are not our friends. The bureaucracies are not our friends.

Thanks for reading.

Kelly Townsend and I rode together to the meeting. We were stopped at Security, due to a heated argument going on at the door to the Board meeting between agitator/bully Randy Parraz and a Staff member. It was hard to tell what he was ranting about, except that it seemed to have started in the Supervisors Auditorium. I heard him cry out, “those 432 uninvestigated sex abuse charges”!

Kelly and I pleaded with Security, and they finally allowed us past the fuming Parraz and into the meeting which had already started. We got our speaker slips turned in and sat down. The media were lined up with cameras at the back of the room.

I looked around the room and recognized some of the usual leftists that show up whenever Randy posts one of his FB alerts to his troops. It’s very sad that this radical, open borders, motley crowd has had so much power to alter public opinion in Arizona.

There was Salvador Reza (AZTLAN), Dan O’Neal (Progressive Democrats of Arizona), Raquel Teran (open borders/Promise Arizona en Accion), Lilia Alvarez (Citizens for a Better AZ), Saul Solis (co-Founder of East Valley Patriots), Sheila Ryan (Code Pink, et al), and many others who agitate for open borders, under the guise of "a better Arizona."

The team must have been pressed for time, because none of them spoke, except Pastor Stewart, who referred to the Department of Justice’s “scathing” report penned by assistant attorney general of the Civil Rights Division, Thomas Perez.

I was glad to see Vera Anderson of the Daisy Mountain Tea Party and friends, and some gentlemen wearing Riders U.S.A. vests.

At one point, we heard yelling at the back of the room. Randy and his tantrum? Nope. It was just some guy being hauled out, yelling “get this on videotape!” And then every word he said after that is not printable.

Pretty soon, I spotted Lilia Alvarez running up the aisle, stopping to tell each person on the end something. They started raising their printed cards reading “Arpaio Resign Now.”

And then after Pastor Stewart made his point, a creepy balding guy with a ponytail stood in front of the card carriers and sort of commanded them to their feet and they all left en masse.

A few minutes later, the media left, too.

The rest of us soldiered on to the end of the meeting when we were allowed to speak. There were 10 of us who spoke in support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and 6 against.

I was astonished to hear more than one person brazenly assert that Mexicans are indigenous to this country. The entire Southwestern United States is their land, and they are not illegal! One woman spoke in Spanish, which required a Staff member to translate, “Stop persecuting our people”! she railed.

The Board of Supervisors hears the following constantly:

1) SB1070 should be repealed.
2) Throw open the borders.
3) Mexicans are indigenous in the Southwestern USA.
4) The Southwestern USA belongs to Mexicans.
5) The Rule of Law is oppressive and splits up families and is an attack on the Mexicans in the USA.

Here is an explanation of AZTLAN. The "tone" has been massaged into more palatable language, as you see described in the "Arizona Accord," the "Mesa Compact," and the "Utah Compact."