HB2699 and HB2700: Good News and Bad News

Recently, Gilbert Watch asked you to email Arizona Senators asking them to support two important bills: HB2699 Endangered Species – Program Rescission – Reimbursement and HB2700 …"recover all state lands that have been acquired by the federal government.  The good news is that HB2699 passed.  The bad news is that HB2700 failed to pass.  

As a precinct committeeman, I visit with citizens.  Most are unaware that our country is swiftly being taken over by the federal government agencies made up of unelected bureaucrats who are paid by the taxpayers.  This lack of awareness stems from their source of news.  These citizens are also unaware that the newspapers they read and most of the television reporting they watch are part of what has truly become the Collectivist Media.   For example, the collectivist media did not report one of the most significant events in American history:  The Cliven Bundy vs the BLM stand-off.  Why?  Because the fact that over 2,000 patriotic Americans standing up for individual liberties does not fit the collectivist agenda.

HB2700 was sponsored by Rep. Bob Thorpe (LD6) as a first step in taking back lands that have been acquired by the federal government.  There were 3 Republican senators who sided with the Democrats to defeat the bill.  It’s important to know who those Republicans are.  It’s also very instructive to know that virtually every Democrat in the Arizona legislature is a collectivist.  Even legislators whose constituents’ livelihoods have been adversely impacted by overreaching federal agencies do not care.  Democrat legislators are told by their leadership how to vote, and 99% of the time they vote as they are told.

Click HERE for the vote detail.  

Who were the traitorous Republicans:  John McComish (LD18), Steve Pierce (LD1), and Bob Worsley (LD25):  three members of the Gang of Six.  .  

These senators also sided with Democrats in last year’s legislative session to bring Arizona one of the most economy killing programs in history: Medicaid Expansion, which is the cornerstone of ObamaCare.  McComish, Pierce, and Worsley were censured by both the Gila County Republican Committee as well as Maricopa County Republican Committee for their actions.

The good news is that McComish won’t be running again.  He pulled out as soon as Tom Morrissey entered the race.  If you have friends in LD18, please ask them to support Tom.

 Bob Worsley has some excellent competition in the next Primary election:  Dr. Ralph Heap.  If you have friends in LD25, please ask them to support Dr. Heap.  Click HERE to read his Facebook page.  Please "like" it.   

Steve Pierce is a problem, however.  It is not clear whether or not anyone in LD1 (Prescott and vicinity) plans to run against him.  Please encourage someone to oppose him in the Primary!