How Much of the Common Core Standards Really Changed?

Wouldn’t you think that, by now, most Arizonans know that Superintendent Diane Douglas is lying when she repeatedly tells people that Arizona’s "new standards are ‘No way’ Common Core-like"!!  I guess she thinks that, if she repeats the lie often enough, people will believe it.  

Gilbert Watch has published two side-by-side comparisons, which were put together by a mother with the Mommy Lobby:  1) The old Common Core Math compared to Arizona’s New Math Standards, and 2) The old Common Core English/Language Arts standards compared to Arizona’s New English/Language Arts standards.   

Recently, a mother with the Mommy Lobby produced a simple, two-sided flyer that you can distribute to your friends, family, legislators, parents, children, by-standers, curiosity seekers, etc:  "How Much of the Common Core Standards Really Changed?"

For anyone who wants to know everything there is to know about Common Core, so you, too, can be sick to death of it, see below.  As for me, I’m researching homeschooling.

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