My Turn – AZ Central – Jared Taylor

28 September 2012

In a few weeks, Gilbert voters will select another member of the Gilbert Town Council.  It’s important that we havea fresh voice that will protect the rights of Gilbert families and businesses.  There are a number of reasons I would like to serve as your next Council Member.

Jared Taylor is Committed to Gilbert’s Heritage and Success

I’m committed to the heritage and success of this community.  My grandfather taught school at the old Gilbert Elementary School and worked on John Allen’s dairy.  After I was married, my wife and I moved to Gilbert in 1996. With our three daughters, we enjoy the beautiful parks, schools, and so many good friends. 

Top Priority is Public Safety

My top priority is the public safety of our families and businesses. We must have fully funded and well-trained police and fire departments.  Another high priority is good roads, clean water, and efficient public works to keep our homes and businesses safe, accessible, and comfortable.

Jared Taylor is Skilled at Attracting New Businesses to Gilbert

Next, healthcare, aerospace, semiconductor, telecommunications, automotive, high-tech, and defense are all industries I’ve worked in as a human resources manager.  In addition to supporting the growth of our small businesses, I have the skills and experience necessary to attract new businesses and jobs to our community.

Committed to Eliminating Unnecessary Regulations that Hold Back Small Businesses

I’m committed to a community that is built to last.  The small business owners with whom I speak feel like second-class citizens.  They are frustrated with meaningless regulations.  Big government politicians love regulations that throw sand in the economic gears of our community.  I’m committed to eliminating unnecessary and outdated regulations while keeping our standards high and community safe.

Strong Education Makes a Strong Community

Also, my wife and I are committed to education in our community.  She earned two degrees in Social Work and has worked with the East Valley homeless population to get training and employment.  I earned a bachelor degree in Management and a master in Business Administration at Arizona State University and help operate an A-rated public charter school in Mesa, while our children go to Neely Traditional Academy in the Gilbert Public Schools. They love being Neely Knights!  Strong education is one of the many reasons our community is strong.

The Gilbert Town Council will benefit from having a new voice on the Council who is aligned with our community.  In 2009, when the economy fell off the cliff, our Town had a $15 million budget deficit.  Along with over 70 other citizens, I studied the budget and found many ways to avoid the need for a tax increase. 

John Sentz Pushed a Sales Tax Increase on our Community

My opponent and others unwisely pushed a sales tax increase on our community (Proposition 406).  I joined Mayor John Lewis, Councilmember Jenn Daniels, and thousands of other citizens to oppose the imprudent tax.  The citizens were not fooled, and the proposition was defeated. 

John Sentz Pushed for Costly Elections

My opponent has also been at odds with Mayor Lewis, Councilmember Daniels, and the citizens by pushing for elections that would be costly and result in extremely low voter turnout.  Fortunately, his efforts were defeated.

I am proud to be endorsed by Mayor Lewis and a majority of the Gilbert Town Council as well as the Small Business Alliance in Gilbert.  Please join these great citizens and many others in voting for Jared Taylor this election.

For more information, please visit Vote Jared Taylor!