President Trump’s 2017 Winning List!

Thank You President Trump

(Compiled by Sandi Bartlett as of 10/18/2017, stats change often)

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch
Opened 1st  new coal mine in decades 
Travel ban reinstated by Supreme Court  
Selling American energy to Poland
Withdrew from TPP
Won 4 out of 4 Special Elections

Fired James Comey
Ended “Catch and release” program
Border crossings down over 70%- lowest in 17 years
Crack down on Sanctuary Cities
Consumer confidence at 16 yr high
$4 Trillion of new wealth in stock market

Bids for border wall are underway
Unemployment at 16 yr low

20% tariff on soft lumbar from Canada
Freed Aya Hijazi from Egypt

Pulled out of Paris Accord
Freed Otto Warmbier from North Korea

Keystone & Dakota Pipeline approved
Iraq/US forces take back Mosul
Mortgage applications for new homes rise to 7yr high
Food stamps at 7yr low 48M to 42M
NATO allies boost spending by 4.3% in 2017
Guantanamo Bay open

Allows Veterans Administration to fire bad employees
Signed Appeals Modernization Act for Veterans
Private healthcare choice for Veterans
Signed Promoting Women Entrepreneurship Act
1 Million jobs created
5-year lobbying ban

Median household income is up more than in 7 yrs
Going to renegotiate NAFTA
Dow up 8% and Nasdaq up 14%
Roll back of Cuba policy 
89 Billion saved in regulation roll backs
Pardoned Joe Arpaio
China agreed to begin American import of beef
Donated his salary

Roll back of Clean Power Act boosting coal mining again
Eliminated 800 regulations 

Showed military strength dropping the MOAB
Ended transgender military recruitment
59 missiles dropped in Syria for gassing their people
Nominated 60 Conservative Federal Judges

Executive Order for Religious freedom
Jump started NASA program
600 M cut from UN Peacekeeping Budget
Home prices up 6%

Signed 52 pieces of legislation
Signed 90 Executive Actions/Orders
Mass deporting of MS13 gangs
Created a commission on voter fraud

Created a commission on Opioid Addiction
Created a commission on human trafficking

Created office for victims of illegal immigrant crimes
Weakened Dodd-Frank by Executive Order

End of DAPA program
Order to stop crime against law enforcement
Promoted businesses to create American jobs
Reduced # of companies moving out of America
Lowest gas prices in 10 years

For every rule created, 2 must be cut
Reviewed all trade agreements to make sure they are America first
Encouraged companies to buy and hire American

Created apprentice program
Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years
Saved $22 million by reducing White House payroll
Denied FBI a new building
Work Requirements for Welfare reinstated
Temporarily Ended DACA sending back to Congress
Pres. Trump Donated $1 Million to Texas Hurricane victims
A+++ leadership in back to back hurricanes
2017 2nd Quarter GDP up to 3.1%
DOW up 8 quarters in a row (longest streak in 20 years)
800 regulations pulled or suspended
Stock market up 24% since Election

Obamacare Rollback of Contraception Mandate
Rollback of carbon emissions regulation
9% Increase in food exports (Pratt Company)
Executive Order to Sell Insurance Across State Lines
Coleman family held by Taliban for 5 years released
Withdrew from UNESCO
Decertified the Iran Deal
Stock market hit high of 23,157.60 on Oct. 18, 2017

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