Profiles in Heartfelt Giving – For Our City

Have you heard about an event coming up called “We Are Gilbert Day” on Saturday April 13?  It’s being hosted by For Our City.

Gilbert Town Council Member Victor Petersen has been at the forefront of efforts to reduce and ultimately remove taxpayer funding of charities and non-profits, and replace tax dollars with private, voluntary giving. There are no town or taxpayer resources used for For Our City’s group of dedicated volunteers, so you won’t see much about it on the Town’s website.  Meetings are held in private offices. 

But that doesn’t mean the word isn’t getting out.  It is!

According to Council Member Petersen, “We are still pretty small and somewhat unknown but the movement is growing. The faith community is the main powerhouse that makes this work.  In Gilbert, we ‘love our neighbors as we love ourselves’.”

For Our City connects those who want to help with those in need. Our goal is to make connections that provide opportunities for the good will in the hearts of our citizens to be expressed as they serve their fellow men, women, and children in need.”

Right now the group is advertising 15 service projects in need of 350 volunteers for "We are Gilbert Day" on Sat, Apr 13th.  Service projects can be found on the Gilbert CAN website where you can see the current status of each project and sign yourself up and your volunteers if you represent a group.  Here’s the link to register.  

There are some wonderful opportunities to serve ranging from a blood drive, to joyfully helping seniors with their yards and house work.  Some projects are filled, but many are not.  Your neighbors need YOU!