Remember Warren Petersen’s Article?

A few days ago, Arizona Republican Representative Warren Petersen (LD12) wrote an article titled Why Arizona Conservatives Oppose expansion of ObamaCare.   In eight brief paragraphs, he summed up the argument against Governor Jan Brewer’s scheme to expand Medicaid in Arizona.

As of this writing, 68 grassroots Arizonans wrote comments at the end of that article, thanking Warren Petersen for representing them.  That is an unprecedented number of comments at the end of an Arizona Capitol Times article. 

Six Republican senators defected to the side of Big Government Democrats.  Will Republican House members do the same?  Or will they read what their constituents have to say?   Here’s a key principle that distinguishes Republicans from Democrats.  When Republicans choose to act like Democrats, they aren’t Republicans anymore. 

"The cornerstone of Republican philosophy is the belief that each person is responsible for his or her own place in society.  Individuals are encouraged by the Republican Party to work to secure the benefits of society for themselves, their families, and for those who are unable to care for themselves.

"Democrats are more willing to subordinate individual rights to the assumed needs of the group.  They assume that society is collectively responsible for each of its members.  They place less emphasis on individual enterprise and initiative."

See Arizona Republican Party Precinct Committeemen Handbook