Sex Ed Meeting in Tempe: Feb. 19 at 5:30 pm

Please recall that several citizens attended a recent meeting in Tempe to speak out against Planned Parenthood’s participation in the Sex Ed curriculum in Tempe schools.  (See Planned Parenthood takes a Beating at the Tempe Schools’ Sex Ed Meeting.) 

More meetings are coming up very soon.  Please read the notification below from Christine Accurso, executive director of 1st Way Pregnancy Center.

 Hello Friends!

Thank you for your continued support in bringing light to the situation and the discernment of sex ed curriculum happening in the Tempe Union High School District.  At the end of the last meeting, the chair of the committe announced the next few meetings that will take place.  It will be of particular interest to listen to the work study when the committee gives a full update to the board on what has been happening and what has been discussed at the previous meeting. There will be no recommendation of curriculum at that time.  We will finally hear what the committee members think about the five curricula (the 3 that Planned Parenthood presented, 1 that North Star Youth Partnership presented & 1 the Maricopa County Employee presented) that has been presented thus far.  That meeting is this Wednesday, February 19.  Here are the meetings that were announced.

Wednesday, February 19 @ 5:30pm (Cafeteria of Compadre Academy at 500 at Guadalupe Road in Tempe)

Sex Ed Curriculum Committee will meet with the Governing School Board for a study session to discuss and update the board on their committee findings.  There will be public comment at the end of the study session and before the regular board meeting begins at 7pm.

Monday, March 3 @ 4:30pm (Tempe History Museum at 809 Southern Avenue in Tempe, AZ 85282)

Sex Ed Curriculum Committee Meeting 

Agenda will be posted eventually at: Tempe Union High School District board docs

Tuesday, April 1 @ 4:30pm (Tempe History Museum at 809 Southern Avenue in Tempe, AZ 85282)

Sex Ed Curriculum Committee Meeting

Agenda will be posted eventually at: Tempe Union High School District board docs

At this time, I am going to pass the baton to Jason Walsh the executive director for Arizona Right to Life, so that he continues to push out the communication to all of you on the happenings of this situation.  Jason’s email address is so be on the look out for his regular emails in the weeks to come.  I ask you to please continue to show up at these meetings, even if it is just for the first 30 minutes.  The signs out in front of the buildings where the meetings are being held, are proving to be effective & are always good to have, but even more so, your presence inside the meeting is so valuable.  If you chose to bring signs, they should continue to say "Keep Planned Parenthood Out of Our Schools"  I thank Jason for his leadership as he continues in this battle.  Planned Parenthood has made their agenda this year quite clear through the emails they send out to their supporters and I think we need to all stand beside AZ Right to Life as they lead this charge.  Alliance Defending Freedom and the AZ Right to Life will be monitoring the school districts in Arizona to be sure they stay compliant with SB1009.

I look forward to seeing each of you soon!  May God richly bless each of you for continuing to fight for our children!


Christine Accurso
Executive Director
1st Way Pregnancy Center
3501 North 16th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
Phone: (602) 261-7522
Fax: (602) 257-9520


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