The City of Mesa is Out of Control – Light Rail

As a taxpaying citizen of Mesa, do you feel in control of how you are governed?  Depending on where you get your news, you might think that Mesa is a wonderful model city.   That might not describe the businesses and citizens, however.

Unwilling to face the fact that light rail is the worst possible transit option, the Mesa City Council is forging ahead to fleece the taxpayers in order to extend the 1.9 mile Light Rail.  Never mind if existing businesses suffer from 2 years of construction, and the loss of jobs that will go with them.  Never mind that a nice 4-lane thoroughfare will be reduced to 2 lanes plus dangerous light rail trains running down the center.  

Did you know that light rail only serves 0.03% of the transportation needs of Metro Phoenix?  But 1200 million dollars…that’s $1.2 billion…was spent on the first 20 miles.  Those 20 miles have a yearly operating loss of $35 million.

How do such horrible ideas even become reality?  If you want to know how light rail helps with economic development, take a drive from downtown Phoenix to Sycamore Street in Mesa.

Lawsuit Filed Against Mesa

According to Main Street Business Owners Association’s website, a member of the citizen’s group, Main Street Business Owners Association, has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop Mesa’s plan to extend the 1.9 mile Light Rail extension from Mesa Dr. to Gilbert Road before the schedule set by Valley Metro.

Mesa’s financing scheme relies on issuing “notes” which rely on repayment from Federal Transportation Funds for projects which have been canceled or no longer needed.

Mesa plans on issuing “notes’ totaling more than $110 million. Federal funds for 16 road projects have been designated by Mesa to repay the “notes”. The amount expected to be received by Mesa will be insufficient to repay the “notes” and Mesa taxpayers will be obligated to pay any deficiency.

If Mesa taxpayers are ultimately required to make up any deficiency, the city may be responsible for securities fraud. Additionally, the Arizona constitution requires taxpayer obligated bonds to have a public vote and Mesa’s plan could be unconstitutional.

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