The B in Brewer Stands for Betrayal: Now she has chosen Scott Smith to Follow in her Footsteps

Follow conservative politics much in Arizona?  If you do, then this article titled "Brewer’s Shifting Money, Smith Ties Create Distrust" published in the conservative Arizona Daily Independent shouldn’t surprise you.  Governor Jan Brewer has infamously betrayed her Republican base many times, starting with her determination to bring ObamaCare to Arizona.  She continued that betrayal when she vetoed legislation that would have protected Arizonans from Mexican Wolves, and when she vetoed legislation that would have protected local control and decision-making in K-12 education and the fundamental right of parents to safeguard the privacy of their children.

She has attacked a very popular conservative legislator, Steve Montenegro.  She also attempted to pull the wool over our eyes when she confused Arizonans by cosmetically renaming Common Core to Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.   This deception was intended to make Arizonans believe that the standards were developed by Arizona teachers, parents, citizens, and experts.  They weren’t.    

Gov. Brewer has stubbornly, repeatedly refused to listen to her Republican base.  She has endorsed Scott Smith for governor, because he will carry on her tradition.  Smith knows how to spin every liberal action he’s taken.  In Mesa, he didn’t perform a "miracle."  He has created a nightmare’s worth of debt.  (More on that debt in an upcoming article….)  

The True conservative in the race for Governor is Frank Riggs.  Anyone who has studied his record knows this and knows that he keeps his Word.   He is with and among Arizona residents every waking moment.  He is one of the fathers of the charter school movement in Arizona and has vowed repeatedly to rescind Common Core on Day 1.  He has vowed to pull us out of Medicaid Expansion.  He is a former police officer and deputy sheriff, and the only candidate for governor with front line experience as a first responder, in addition to being the only military vet.  He is a fighter FOR Arizona, for protecting our border and for getting our lands back.  He fought valiantly and successfully as a U.S. Congressman, remaining true to his stands on pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Second Amendment.  He is against the stupidity of releasing Mexican wolves throughout most of Arizona.  He is against the federal government overreach (EPA).     

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