They’re Baaaaaaack! Gilbert’s Building, Energy and Green Codes, that is

The following FREE MARKET KILLING CODES are currently in effect, thanks to Mayor John Lewis, Vice Mayor Ben Cooper, and Council Members Jenn Daniels and Jordan Ray:  

2012 International Building Code 

2012 International Residential Code 

2012 International Mechanical Code 

2012 International Plumbing Code 

2012 International Fuel Gas Code 

2006 International Energy Conservation Code 

2012 International Fire Code 

2011 National Electrical Code  

Building and Construction Regulations Code of the Town of Gilbert, Arizona – 2013 Edition

This Thursday night, 1/30/2014, 4 Gilbert Council Members, including Mayor John Lewis, claiming to  “represent” Gilbert families, will very likely, once again, turn deaf, dumb, and blind to them and add to the above unnecessary codes.  The new addition is proposed:  The Leftist inspired Energy and Green Codes!  Unless Gilbert staff members can present valid arguments to support that these codes are necessary to health and safety, they should all be voluntary, not LAW.  Please send an email to Mayor Lewis and all Council Members and ask them to please vote NO to these Energy and Green Codes.  They should be voluntary:  

public records request made by Gordon Ray revealed that 57 people had emailed Mayor John Lewis and all Council Members to NOT adopt the 2012 unnecessary codes (that they adopted anyway).  They should have remained voluntary.  Only 4 people emailed to adopt them, including a Washington lobbyist and a representative from SRP.  Yet, the 2012 codes were adopted.

Three Council Members have been opposed to unnecessary codes.  These Council Members include:  Victor Petersen, Jared Taylor, and Eddie Cook.   It will be unfortunate if Mayor John Lewis and the other three Council Members continue to listen to and obey the direction of staff (aka so-called “experts”) who want to grow their bureaucracy and inflict more regulations on Gilbert families.  Unless you can break through their resistance,Mayor Lewis and three council members will be mezmerized by the Planners, Building Examiners, Inspectors, and Code Enforcers.

Mayor Lewis and the other three Council Members also listen to organizations such as the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Alliance.  Some of their members stand to make big bucks because their products will be forced on Gilbert families. Their products will have to be purchased by law.  (Code = Regulation = Law.)

Welcome to Gilbert’s Administrative State!    Here are the Council members who have demonstrated by their votes that they don’t care about you and your goofy rants about Liberty, Freedom, Property Rights, and the Free Market.  To them, you are the unheard, unlamented, unwanted. They get really tired of hearing about “the Founders.”   (Oh, but they will strut and preen at the next “celebration” of Constitution Week USA.  Just watch.)    

Mayor John Lewis
Vice Mayor Ben Cooper
Council Member Jenn Daniels
Council Member Jordan Ray

Do you think I’m being “harsh” toward these wonderfully “nice” people? Consider how they have been treating their constituents. 

The fight against the adoption of unnecessary building codes has been going on for a YEAR!  A private business that lobbies for new codes that will gain financially by the codes has a conflict of interest .Power. Control, and Money is what this is all about, Not Safety and Energy/Green.  

Rusdon and Gordon Ray haven’t received a single penny for the work they have done to stop these code adoptions.  In fact, everything they have done to fight these swarms of unnecessary codes has cost them and their families time, effort, and money.  Do you think the Town Council is weary of this issue?  How do you think Gordon and Rusdon feel?  Not to mention the many families of the tradesmen and builders who have been fighting along with them. 

Please inform Gilbert voters how these elected officials “stood up for them” by showing them the voting record of these people who have consistently voted FOR these free market killing codes.

Please email Mayor Lewis and all Council Members asking them to PLEASE VOTE NO to adopting the Green and Energy Codes.  They should be voluntary.

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