Worsley’s Windfarm: Public Protest!!

GilbertWatch  has previously reported on Bob Worsley’s penchant for grubbing for tax dollars to help him launch the Obama Administration’s  “green, renewable” energy projects.  Worsley’s Snowflake White Mountain Energy plant went bankrupt in July 2010, after he, investors, and the taxpayers pumped $53 million into it.  He sold it for $4.75 million.  The new owner, Najafi Cos. has put it into better financial and operating condition, following Worsley’s  mismanagement.

If you’ve studied Bob Worsley’s website, you will see that among his companies is NZ Legacy.  This is the same company that sold large acreage lots to unsuspecting buyers looking for "a wilderness sanctuary"; little did they know that Worsley had partnered with Hunt Oil to begin potash exploration right next door to them

Another Worsley NZ Legacy “clean, renewable” energy project is his Windmill venture.  He has visions of hundreds of wind turbines and enough solar generators to match the maximum power output of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

There are, however, those who have objected.  Unfortunately, the government and their crony capitalist buddies tend to not give up on tax-supported schemes.    

Large Crowd Turns out to Protest Proposed Windfarm

Here are some excerpts from the article about this July 16, 2009 protest.   

"HOLBROOK – The first public step to create wind and solar farms on property between Snowflake and Holbrook met with vehement protests from neighbors.

"More than 100 people were at the Navajo County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting July 16 in Holbrook. The supervisors’ boardroom was filled and about the same number of people were seated or standing in the corridor outside the room for five public hearings involving wind and/or solar farms.

"There were a number of issues brought up such as esthetics, noise, shadowing and water sources.

"The parcels are located between Snowflake and Holbrook, mostly to the east of State Route 77," Loper told the commissioners. "There are a total of 56 sections of land.

"Consultant Rulon Anderson said the requests are from NZ Legacy which, in association with Renegy, operates the biomass plant next to the Catalyst Paper Snowflake operation. Bob Worsley of NZ Legacy is involved in alternate energy.

"My opposition is from my guts and my heart," Apache County resident Mary Olson said. "This cannot be ‘green’ with its components being fiberglass and concrete……

"Other questions raised were what would happen once the wind farm is no longer in use and how many insects and bats would hit the windmill blades. One person said he didn’t want "those ugly things" in his backyard."

There is in fact a windfarm at Dry Lake, near Snowflake, which is owned by a Spanish company, Iberdrola. 

Arizona’s Only Windfarm to Double in Size

Excerpts from this March 18, 2010 article:

"Iberdrola’s original plans called for a total of more than 200 turbines across about 15 miles of rangeland in Navajo County between Holbrook and Snowflake."  That’s a lot of acreage. 

"SkyMall founder Robert Worsley, who opened a biomass-power plant that burns scrap wood for electricity near the wind farm, has proposed building hundreds more wind turbines and enough solar generators to match the maximum power output of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station."

You see.  Bob Worsley won’t let a little thing like a 100 protesting residents stand in his way.  Surely, he can get elected to the Arizona State Legislature and "educate the public" on the benefits of using tax dollars for the greater collective good.

Here’s a photo of one of the turbines at Dry Lake.  It stands 400 feet tall and dwarfs heavy equipment beneath it. 

The Truth about Big Wind

In spite of reassurances from those who profit from windfarms, the fears of those 100 residents near Worsley’s proposed windmill farm site are well founded.   In fact, the public barely knows the Truth about windfarms, because, like “human-caused climate change,” there is a cover-up of scientific evidence.  

We are all onboard for “sustainable,” energy.  Harnessing the wind and the sun sounds so…..  healthy, environmentally sound, free, and good for everybody.  The sun and the wind are all those things.  Harnessing them is not.  It’s about time the public started paying attention.

American Tradition Institute:  Putting Wind on Trial

The following 3 videos were produced in April 2011.  As of this writing, the lawsuit in Colorado is moving forward.  The latest action, according to Tom Tanton, Director of Science and Technology Assessment, is that ATI was granted  “standing” by the Court, so "the case is proceeding."

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