Gilbert Schools Receive Money from Multiple Sources, but they Want More. Vote NO to the Override.

by Julie Farnsworth
Gilbert Unified School District Parent
LD12 Precinct Committeeman

The 2012-2013 Gilbert school year operated on a $300 million plus budget.  The school district operates with funding from multiple sources, including state tax dollars, federal tax dollars, primary property taxes, secondary bond monies, the current override, some corporate/private funding, plus additional fees collected from parents (e.g., fees for certain classes, sports, parking, etc.).  Throughout the year, Gilbert Unified School District receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and equipment, including laptop computers.  Citizens also donate money every year which they can deduct from their state tax return in the form of  a tax credit.  The School District uses this money for curricular activities.

We are still paying the current override tax for 2 more years.  This vote would extend the override for an additional 7 years. 

Gilbert Public Schools, along with the Governing Board, have not properly demonstrated the need for a continuation of the override tax–only a want.

We all want our schools to be successful for our children, families, and the employees of this district.  However, we should not vote for an additional tax without a more transparent budget.

Please vote NO on the property tax override.

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