Gilbert Watch and Gila Watch – Republican Choices in the Primary

Unlike the Democrats, Republicans don’t dictate to other Republicans whether or not they can run in the Primary.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because we are so darned independent and supportive of each others’ right to run for office as we choose.  It’s a curse, because primaries get very ugly as Republicans beat up on each other, and even lie.  Also, the votes can be so diluted, we end up electing someone who won with only 18% of the vote.  Or we end up with a RINO (Republican In Name Only.)    

Some of those "R’s"  strut and preen during the Primary about how "conservative" they are, until the moment they are elected.  Then they refer to the conservatives whose favor they curried during the campaign as "far right wing extremist, Tea Party, racist ideologues."  

Follows is a list of preferred Republican candidates vying against other Republicans for contested seats.  They have been vetted by Gilbert Watch and Gila Watch. You will see some blanks.  That’s because we haven’t had the time to vet all the candidates.  If you click on the name, you will be taken to the candidate’s website.  In some cases, you can find articles written about the candidate and their Republican opposition by searching the candidate’s name on the Gilbert Watch or Gila Watch Home Page.  Please also refer to a list of Research Sources at the end of this list that provides additional information, including articles on candidates who do NOT deserve your vote!  They might campaign on conservative principles, but their actions and votes prove otherwise!  This includes:  Scott Smith, Michele Reagan, John Huppenthal, Bob Worsley, and many who voted with the Democrats in the dead of night to expand Medicaid eligibility.  These people were censured by virtually every Legislative District in Arizona.  Here’s one such censure:  A Resolution of the Arizona LD25 Republican Precinct Committeemen To Censure the Governor and 15 Legislators.  Some of these legislators, such as Michele Reagan and Bob Worsley, went on to vote to keep Common Core in Arizona.   


Dist 1: Adam Kwasman  
Dist 3: Gabby Saucedo Mercer


Frank Riggs 


Justin Pierce


Mark Brnovich  


Jeff DeWit


Diane Douglas  


Tom Forese
Doug Little


LD08:  Irene Littleton
LD11:  Steve Smith
LD13:  Don Shooter
LD15:  Nancy Barto
LD16:  Dave Farnsworth
LD18:  Tom Morrissey
LD23:  John Kavanagh
LD25:  Ralph Heap


LD01:  Noel Campbell (vote for just 1)
LD08:  Darla Dawald (vote for just 1)

LD11:  Mark Finchem
LD11:  Vince Leach
LD13:  Darin Mitchell
LD13:  Steve Montenegro
LD14:  David Gowan
LD14:  David Stevens
LD15:  John Allen
LD15:  David Burnell Smith
LD16:  John Fillmore
LD16:  Kelly Townsend
LD18:  John King
LD18:  Jill Norgaard
LD20: Thurane Aung King
LD20:  Carl Seel
LD23:  Jay Lawrence
LD23:  Michelle Ugenti
LD25:  Justin Olson
LD25:  Rusty Bowers  
LD28:  Shawnna Bolick

Gila County Superior Court Judge

Tim Wright  

Gilbert Town Council

Victor Petersen
Eddie Cook
Jordan Ray

Mesa Town Council

Mayor:  Danny Ray

Queen Creek Town Council

Emilena Turley

Tempe City Council

Matt Papke

Research Sources:

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Pro Life Voter Warning on "Republican" Primary Candidates

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A Resolution of the Arizona LD25 Republican Precinct Committeemen To Censure the Governor and 15 Legislators

The Magnificent Arizona Republicans

Another Chance to Weaken Common Core’s Death Grip: Say YES to HB2316

Meet Adam Kwasman for U.S. Congress (CD1)

Can Frank Riggs Rescind Common Core on Day 1?  You bet he can!

Why Conservatives Support Frank Riggs for Governor

I‘m Endorsing Frank Riggs for Governor, by Russell Pearce

Scott Smith:  In His Own Words

Would Your Candidate Support Life, Marriage and Family, Religious Freedom?

The Lie that is Michele Reagan

Michele Reagan’s Kindergarten Sex Ed Bill

Diane Douglas and John Huppenthal Debate: Superintendent of Public Instruction

Arizona Deserves Better than Superintendent Huppenthal as their "chief educator"

Steve Smith Fights Against Increased Abortions due to Medicaid Expansion

Matt Papke Fights Against Tempe’s Fiscal Cliff