Planned Parenthood of AZ Endorses Jill Humpherys for Gilbert School Board

Planned Parenthood of Arizona recently sent out an "Action" alert email calling the redacting of certain pages of a Gilbert Schools biology textbook "censorship."  They also referred to abortion as "birth control."  In fact, they consider nudity a more serious offense than abortion.  It appears that Planned Parenthood not only hopes that Gilbert voters are too ignorant to understand the term "censorship," but they also hope that Gilbert voters possess zero critical thinking skills.  

In the meantime, it appears that the abortion provider Planned Parenthood has found a friend in board candidate for re-election Jill Humpherys.  They would like for you to thank Ms. Humpherys for voting to retain information in a biology textbook that informs your child on how to abort her child. (Click HERE for the truth about why the board voted to redact the material.)    

After reading the Planned Parenthood Action Alert email, you, as a person who supports both life and the law, can send your own email, thanking Ms. Staci Burk, Ms. Julie Smith, and Mr. Daryl Colvin; and encouraging Ms. Jill Humpherys and Ms. Lily Tram to support life and the law in the future.  Click HERE to read the statement from Senator Nancy Barto, who wrote SB1009.  

Planned Parenthood Action Alert Email.  

Action! Contact the Gilbert Schools Governing Board about their censorship of science textbooks!

The Gilbert School District Governing Board decided this week, in a 3-2 decision, to censor their science books. Was there nudity? Was there incorrect information printed? No and no. Was birth control talked about? Yes. Two pages in the biology text book talked about birth control, mentioning that contraceptives can help “prevent unwanted pregnancy”.

The folks at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF-a Scottsdale-based organization that bills itself as a legal ministry that advocates for religious freedom) want to control what schools teach – even in the face of facts. Apparently, their definition of ‘freedom’ includes censorship, misinformation and bullying tactics to encourage governing bodies to constrain what students are able to learn.

ADF alleged that the science books in question broke a state law that says childbirth and adoption should be taught as a preference over elective abortion. The fact is ADF deliberately went ahead with their misinformation campaign even after the Arizona Department of Education stated that the science books were not in violation of the state law.

According to the East Valley Tribune, the ADF was also the one to recommend censoring the textbooks: "The decision to redact the content was offered by ADF as an option and recommended by Board Clerk Daryl Colvin, who described it as the cheapest, simplest, least disruptive and most efficient way to deal with the issue."

Education is the foundation from which we all emerge. We risk that solid foundation when folks are allowed to dictate what science is. Remember the old adage: You are entitled to your own opinions – not your own facts. Why does ADF get to dictate their opinions into facts? Especially, when it impacts more than 18,000 students.

We need your help!
Contact: Gilbert School Board’s Governing Board
hone: 480-497-3300

Three School Board members voted in favor of censoring the science books. Please contact them and respectfully explain the danger in censorship and the need for conversation around these topics.

Yes (to censor science text):

Staci Burk*

Daryl Colvin

Julie Smith|

And, if you have the time, say ” thank you” to the two board members who refused to be bullied and voted, no.  

No (to censor science text):

Lily Tram

Jill Humphreys*

*Election Note: Staci Burk and Jill Humphreys are up for re-election on Tuesday!

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