GPS Has Forgotten the People: Vote NO to the Override

by Dave and Tawna Petersen
Gilbert Public Schools Parents

It amazes us just how soon politicians forget the people.  Less than a year ago, we rejected the OVERRIDE.  Does the Gilbert Public School District need millions of dollars in additional money — money that is over and above what the state of Arizona has determined they need to have to give a proper education to Gilbert children?  How do we know — the district has never printed their budget in such a way that the layperson could understand it.  And, GPS has never given Gilbert voters an itemized list of things this extra money would buy the district, not to mention ever prioritized this list of much needed expenditures.  

The bottom line is, the school district doesn’t say why the need the money — they just say they want the money.  We sure wouldn’t give our kid a dollar without knowing what he was going to do with it — why would we give the school district more of our money without knowing why they needed it.

Citizens, awake and arise!  The time is once again upon us to stop the foolish spending.

The only way to stop the insanity is to say, "NO."

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