Hear Our Teachers

"I am tired of hearing people say that kids are protesting the tests and melting down on test days because adults put that attitude in their heads. I am proof that my fellow teachers and I did not start standing up to this UNTIL we saw what it was doing to the kids. If scientists or doctors see people drinking water and getting sick, they warn the public that the water is harmful. But when teachers see students ailing and try to prescribe something to help, we are told to get out of the way. This is an outrage."  Laurie Gabriel, former teacher.  Colorado Springs


"Veteran teacher Laurie Gabriel, who spent part of her career in Colorado Springs School District 11, has created a documentary about why she left the profession.

"Gabriel taught orchestra, choir and drama during her 27 years as an educator. She quit five years ago due to what she calls a federal and corporate takeover of public schools. Specifically, she says her students were crying and vomiting at the prospect of more standardized tests. 

"’You just don’t hear enough about it,’ she says. ‘Teachers are afraid to say anything.’

"In addition to having problems with the tests themselves, Gabriel says she was told to ignore slower kids in her class and to focus her energy on high-performing kids. She says she was working until 7 p.m. doing paperwork that no one read. Because of that, she had to cancel after-school clubs and tutoring."  Former Local Teacher Makes Documentary on Education.

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