When you Refuse the Test (AzMERIT = Standardized Test = High Stakes Test)

This woman is talking about the New York high stakes test.  AzMERIT is no different.  Your child’s teachers walk in fear of speaking out against Common Core or AzMERIT.  Remember, their jobs depend on supporting this entire Common Core System.  You need to judge for yourself what you see–or DON’T see.  Here are some articles:  AZMerit and the Arizona Bar Exam$100,000 Reward for Common Core Test Validity ReportsHigh Stakes TestingCommon Core Opt Out Movement AcceleratesArizona Revised Statutes 1-601 and 1-602 Explicitly Protect Parental Rights,Opt Out AZ! Empowering Parents to Opt Out of the AZMeritWhy Parents are Opting Their Children out of the AZMerit ExamParent’s Right to Control the Education of their Children: AZ Merit Opt-Out Sample Letter


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