Here’s Why Gilbert Watch Supports Team LaFaro for MCRC Leadership

Gilbert Watch is a conservative blog.  Period.  We support conservative candidates based on their actions, not their words, and not solely on the words of those who endorse them.  We gather the evidence and make a thoughtful decision. 

Gilbert Watch strongly supports Team LaFaro for MCRC leadership.  The list of accomplishments from each member of Team LaFaro can be found in the following biographical articles written by Gilbert Watch over the last several weeks.  Please read these bios.  The links below will take you to each one.  A. J. LaFaro carefully chose the members of his team based on their broad range of diverse skills.  These individuals have accomplished far more with less money than their Leftist opposition.  They exemplify what it takes to take back our country. 

Just one example of grassroots activist leadership that appears in these articles is that of candidate for 2nd Vice Chairman Jose Borrajero.  Jose Borrajero recently earned the 2012 Lincoln Day “Defender of the Constitution” Award and the 2012 Americans for Prosperity “Activist of the Year” Award.  Find out what Jose did to earn these awards. 

Meet A J LaFaro, Candidate for Chairman of the MCRC

Meet April Riggins, Candidate for First Vice Chairman of the MCRC

Meet Jose Borrajero, Candidate for 2nd Vice Chair of the MCRC

Meet Jeni White, Candidate for Secretary of the MCRC

Meet David Ludwig, Candidate for Treasurer of the MCRC


Along with studying a candidate’s record, Gilbert Watch considers endorsements.  These are tricky, because endorsements don’t, by themselves, tell the whole story about a candidate.  That’s why a candidate’s performance record is important.  However, when you see overwhelming support from well known conservatives, those endorsements carry a lot of weight.   

Team LaFaro’s endorsement list is impressive, starting with constitutional conservative rock star Arizona Republican Senate President Andy Biggs.  The latest list (which keeps growing) includes nearly 70 Republican leaders throughout Maricopa County and Arizona.  Included in that list is former Attorney General Bob Corbin, as well as Arizona Senator Lori Klein.  There are too many names to list here, so I am featuring a few of the conservatives with whom Gilbert Watch has worked. 

J. D. Hayworth, conservative Icon and former U.S. Congressman
Courtney Snell, Chairman, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Assn.
Randy Hatch, President, Arizona Red Mountain Tea Party
Vera Anderson, Chairman, Daisy Mountain Tea Party
Denna and Steve Ray, Founders, Gilbert Tea Party
Lina Hatch, Conservative Activist
Daryl Colvin, Conservative Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board Member
Mickie Niland, Chairman, LD12
Steve Kohut, Chairman, Pinal County Republican Committee

Record Crowd at Saturday’s Meet and Greet for Team LaFaro.

Ever been to a “Meet and Greet” where 3 people showed up?  I have.  How about 80? Now that’s a horse of a different color!

There was a spectacular turn-out for Team LaFaro at last Saturday’s Meet and Greet held at the home of Julie and Dwayne Farnsworth.   Arriving a little early, one attendee looked at all the chairs lined up in long rows and asked, “Do you think that many people will show up?” 

It was standing room only!  People kept filing in all afternoon and into the evening.  The event was supposed to end at 5:30 pm, but it continued into the night, and I was NOT the last person to leave.

This race will be close!   Please support Team LaFaro this Saturday, January 12, at the Maricopa County Republican Committee Meeting. 

Proxies are Critical!

If you are a precinct committeeman and cannot attend, PLEASE send your proxy.  Remember:  Only another registered Republican from your own precinct can carry your proxy if you cannot attend.  Start with a fellow PC, if they are not available then strive to find ANY Republican (doesn’t have to be a PC) in your precinct to carry it.