Why Proposition 406 Matters

For the last 13 years, Gilbert budget planners have forecasted large multi-million dollar deficits. Magically, the Town ended either with a surplus or very small deficit each year. Each year some of our elected officials make the case to raise some sort of tax whether it’s a primary property or sales tax or Use Tax. Taking a moment to reflect on the history of Gilbert budgeting has great importance on our current election.

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Prop 406 – Linda Abbott & Co.’s Sales Tax Increase

After the 6/30/2009 taxes were rescinded on 8/11/2009 by a unanimous vote of the Council (see “The Taxes are Rescinded! For Now”), Council Member Abbott resumes beating the drum for a committee made up of citizens to help Abbott & Co. (including incumbent candidates for re-election Dave Crozier and Les Presmyk, plus John Sentz and Steve Urie) figure out how to cut spending and generate revenue for the Town.

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Don’t be Fooled by John Sentz

There’s an old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”  When John Sentz first ran for Gilbert Town Council back in 2009, he fooled the Gilbert Small Business Alliance (GSBA). He convinced them that he was pro business. They believed him and endorsed him for Gilbert Town Council. And then, two weeks before the election, he declared his support for tax increases.  Once elected, he immediately glommed on to the powerful RINO Council majority (Councilmembers Abbott, Crozier, Presmyk, and Urie) and turned his back on the Gilbert Small Business Alliance.

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Steve Urie: Quotes & Votes II

On 11/13/2007, former Gilbert Councilmember Steve Urie voted to bring in SEIU (Service Employees International Union). Recently, this Union called for a boycott of Arizona, due to the passage of SB 1070. No one in the local Gilbert SEIU denounced the boycott, even when asked to do so by Jared Taylor.

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Town Council – 1/17/2013 – Liquor – Zoning – Unions – Budget


New Councilmember Jared Taylor stated that he will be voting against approval of almost all liquor licenses presented to the Council. He advised that he is not in favor of prohibition, but rather temperance. He campaigned on behalf of both business and families, and he cited statistics relating to the DUI arrests in Gilbert in addition to the fact that someone is killed every 53 minutes at the hands of a drunk driver.

This isn’t the only cost. There is a cost to families when a family member drinks to excess. Alcohol plays a significant role in domestic violence and divorce.

Many innocent children die every year at the hands of drunk drivers. They also die due to domestic violence. Those must be “acceptable” deaths, because Obama hasn’t uttered a word, and the malpracticing media doesn’t keep a body count.

It is of no interest to reporter Parker Leavitt, for example, who has been generous in slamming Councilmember Petersen and now Councilmember Taylor for their "extremist" views, such as standing up for the U.S. Constitution and for private property rights. Don’t ALL councilmembers, including the Mayor, take the same Oath to protect and defend the Constitution? Some of those councilmembers get downright "testy" at the mention of the word "Founders."

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My Turn – AZ Central – Jared Taylor

28 September 2012

In a few weeks, Gilbert voters will select another member of the Gilbert Town Council. It’s important that we havea fresh voice that will protect the rights of Gilbert families and businesses. There are a number of reasons I would like to serve as your next Council Member.

Jared Taylor is Committed to Gilbert’s Heritage and Success

I’m committed to the heritage and success of this community. My grandfather taught school at the old Gilbert Elementary School and worked on John Allen’s dairy. After I was married, my wife and I moved to Gilbert in 1996. With our three daughters, we enjoy the beautiful parks, schools, and so many good friends.

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It’s Your Turn! Please Vote for Jared Taylor for Gilbert Town Council!

It’s Your Turn, by Jared Taylor

Over the past months, I’ve enjoyed visiting with hundreds of Gilbert voters and communicating my vision for Gilbert. With less than a week left in the campaign, it is now in your hands to decide.

This race has two different visions for Gilbert. Do we want big government or limited government? Do we want higher taxes or lower taxes? Do we want more or less economic freedom for our small businesses?

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It’s Only a Cup of Coffee

by Jared Taylor

This article was originally published in April 2010.  It is being republished in light of the Budget issues being discussed in the Gilbert Public Schools.  Once again, the Liberals are demanding more from the private sector.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed over 20 people in Mesa and Gilbert regarding an Executive Assistant position we are looking to fill at work. I was surprised that nearly all of the individuals living in Gilbert needed to get back into the workforce as either their spouse had been laid off or the household income had dried up. Cash was in short supply.

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Jared Taylor: Gilbert missed opportunity to continue course of fiscal responsibility with adoption of $466 million FY14 Budget

On June 3, 2013, the Gilbert Town Council voted 5-2 in favor of a $466 million budget for FY2014.   Council Member Jared Taylor voted "NO," which earned him a "PROPER VOTE" rating from Captain Rick Atridim on Atridim News Journal’s Gilbert Council Scorecard.   

Captain Rick invited Jared to present guest commentary for the ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL concerning his vote on this important fiscal event.  Here is a quote from Council Member Taylor.  Please read all of his remarks on Rick’s Guest Commentary:  

"The FY14 budget’s rate of growth outpaces inflation and puts us on a path to run a deficit in 1-2 years. Any uptick in sales tax revenues will mask this for a few years, but when another downturn hits, we’ll be forced to make a decision to raise taxes or make drastic cuts again. The recommendation to follow the rate of inflation more effectively controls our spending and is more aligned with other costs hard-working taxpayers are facing day-to-day."

NOTE:  Council Member Victor Petersen also voted NO.

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